Dushyn Vladyslav Viktorovych

Head of the Department of Structural Engineering, Ph.D in Technical Science (Candidate of Science (Engineering)), associate Professor

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ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7818-9216

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Was born on 09. 09. 1961 in Kharkiv.
In 1983 he graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Civil Engineering Engineers, majoring in «majoring in Industrial and Civil Engineering»

After distributing, he worked at the Sumy Specialized Administration # 41 of the «Kharkivstal'konstrukciya» trust as a master, foreman, head of a construction site.

He served in the ranks of the Soviet Army (Kyiv), where he worked as a foreman and chief of a building section on the construction of the Central Warehouses of Building Materials of the Kiev Military District. After demobilization, he returned to the Specialized Building Department # 41 of the «Kharkivstal'konstrukciya» trust.

1985-1997 - trainee researcher, graduate student, senior researcher, lecturer of the Department of Structural Engineering at Kharkiv State Academy of Municipal Economy.

In 1991 – he got his PhD with a thesis for the degree of Candidate of Science (Engineering) in the specialty 05.23.01. - "Construction Structures, Buildings and Structures" at Odessa Engineering and Construction Institute.
1997 - 1999 - Deputy Director of the investment expert evaluation company "APEX Pro" (Sumy).
1999 - 2000 - Deputy Head of Sumy Regional Department for Construction, Reconstruction, Repair and Maintenance of Public Roads (Oblavtodor).

2000 - 2001 - Deputy Director for Construction of Sumy Regional Directorate of Public Roads.
2001 - 2002 - Deputy Director of the Sumy oblast directorate UDPPZ "Ukrposhta".
2002 - 2015 - Associate Professor of the Department of Structural Engineering of Sumy National Agrarian University, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering.
Since 2015 - Head of the Department of Structural Engineering of Sumy National Agrarian University.

Basic training courses: «Reinforced Concrete and Stone Structures», «Construction Mechanics», «Structural Mechanics .Special Course», Scientific activity:
-study of the stress-deformed state of reinforced concrete elements of the frame of reinforced concrete buildings and structures;
- stress-deformed state of bi-concrete elements that undergoing bending deformation;
- spatial work of structural systems;
- fundamentals of designing buildings and structures in software complexes,
Dushyn Vladyslav is the author of about 80 scientific papers and two monographs

Internships and / or advanced training:
1. «ARHBUDPEM» Research and Production Enterprise, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014
2. Development of distance courses in the Moodle system, Sumy National Agrarian University, 2013.
3. School-seminar of pedagogical skills certificate №59. Sumy National Agrarian University, 2017