Associate Professor of the Department of Building Structures, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Researcher ID: Z-2271-2019

Born February 7, 1956 in Katakurgan. Uzbekistan.
1976 - 1981 studies at Samarkand State Architectural and Construction Institute (SamSACEI) at the Faculty of Industrial and Civil Engineering.
1981 - 1984 worked as an engineer, senior engineer, head of design department at Design and Experimental Workshop Samarkand State Architectural and Construction Institute (SamSACEI).
1984 - 1988 postgraduate study at the TSNIISK them. Kucherenko in Moscow, specialty "Construction structures of buildings and structures".
1988 - defended his Ph.D. thesis on specialty 05.23.01 on the theme "Strength and stress-strain state of beams and walls resting on them ".
1988 - 1991 worked as an assistant at SamSACEI Department of Architecture of Industrial and Civil Buildings, since 1989 - Senior Lecturer.
Since 1991 - Assistant Professor of the Department of Building Structures at Sumy National Agrarian University.
Major subjects: "Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Design", "Architecture of of Industrial and Civil Buildings", "Reinforced Concrete and Stone Structures", "Metal Structures", "Structures of Wood and Plastics", "Research of Building Structures on Computer", "Examination and reconstruction of buildings and structures. "
Field of research: Stress-strain state and strength of building structures of industrial and civil structures, soils of foundations and Geotechnical Design .
Grant, state budget and contractual subjects: Development of programs for calculating the stress-strain state and strength of building structures, soil and geotechnical structures in the EXCEL shell. Examination of the technical condition and numerical simulation of the work of buildings and structures in the software systems "LIRA", "MONOMAH", "SCAD".
Advanced Training (Internship): NUBiP. Educational and Scientific Institute of Postgraduate Education. "Innovative orientation of pedagogical activity". Kyiv-2015