Candidate of Technical Science, Associate Professor, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Civil Engineering of Ukraine

Date of birth: June 04, 1948
Education and training: 1969  - studied at Sumy Technical College, then at Kharkiv Engineering and Construction Institute.
Work experience: 1966 - started his professional activity as a turner in a boiler shop at Frunze machine building plant.
1967-1969 - performed military service.
Worked in Sumy construction organizations as a foreman construction manager, senior construction manager, chief engineer of the Building & Construction Department, chief engineer of the Sumzhytlobud trust, chief engineer of the Sumzhytlobud project and construction company, and the Head of the Sumzhytlobud project and construction association.
1994 -2007 - the Chairman of the Administration Board of the OJSC (open joint-stock company) Sumzhytlobud. He took an active part in the construction and commissioning of chemical, light industry, mechanical engineering, municipal facilities, unique consumer service and residential buildings. He took an active part in the construction of Sumy NAU.
2007 – Present - Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Sumy National Agrarian University.
Supervises the students' scientific society and master's research projects.
The author of 38 academic publications and methodological works.
Today he shares his extensive work experience with future specialists in civil engineering.
Basic courses: “Construction and assembly of buildings and structures”.
Research priorities: “Stiffness and strength of reinforced concrete elements with cracks due to torsion and bending with torsion”.
Grant, state-financed and contract-based research: “Inspection of Residential Buildings and Pile Testing” together with the public company "Sumbud" and Krolevets Housing and Communal Services Department.