Research priorities in sciences

Scientific and technical maintenance:
• technical and technological documentation and reconstruction services of buildings and structures;
• reinforcement of foundations and basements;
• development of non-destructive methods for estimating the efficiency of building structures;
• energy-saving modular structures for the construction of residential and agricultural buildings.

Research priorities in sciences at the Department of Architecture and Surveying Engineering:
• peculiarities of perception and design of enclosed architectural spaces;
• modelling of perception of architectural spaces;
• space system of human activity;
• effective thermal and sound insulation constructions of buildings and structures;
• construction technology of building materials;
• heat-insulating materials and constructions of buildings and structures;
• new constructional forms of spatial coverings;
• investigation of the joint work of building structures;
• extensively used mobile, lightweight prefabricated demountable constructions of new generation.

Research priorities in sciences at the Department of Building Structures:
• development of new forms for building cover coatings;
• investigation of the joint work of building structures;
• rehabilitation of concrete constructions in buildings and structures;
• investigation of the spatial rigidity of the industrial building frames.

Scientific Publications
History: 1996 – Present
Focus and Scope: disclosure of scientific and technological achievements to be used in economic and educational process.
Certificate of state registration: Series КВ No. 8217 dated 16.12.2003.
Professional registration in VAK (Higher Attestation Commission) of Ukraine: Resolution No. 1-05 / 3 of 14.04.2010.
Discipline: Technical, Agricultural, Economic, Veterinary Sciences.
Frequency: monthly 12 issues per year (series “Construction” – once a year).
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.
Publisher: Sumy National Agrarian University.
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Series: Construction
Discipline: Engineering and Industrial Technology Sciences