Head of the Research Laboratory of the Department of Building Structures, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs in the specialty 192 “Construction and Civil Engineering” distance learning
E-mail: 23alexd1967@gmail.com
Was born on January 23, 1967 in village Velykyi Vystorop, Lebedynskyi district, Sumy region.
1974 – 1982 – Attended eight-year school at VelykyiVystorop. Graduated with honours.
1982 – 1986 – Studied Agricultural Engineering at Ohtyrka Technical School of Agricultural Engineering and Electrification. Graduated with honours.
1986 – 1987 – Completed the first year training course of Agricultural Engineering at Sumy branch of V.V.Dokuchayev Kharkiv Agricultural Institute.
1987 – 1989 – RecruitedforcarryingoutactivemilitaryserviceintheSoviet Army. Military rank – reserve petty officer.
1989 – 1993 – Continued further academic study at Sumy Agrarian Institute. Graduated with honours.
1993 – 1999 – Worked as teaching assistant at the Department of Machine and Tractor Fleet Maintenance of SumyAgrarian Institute.
1999 – 2003 – Seniorlecturerofthe Department of Tractors and Agricultural Machines of Sumy Agrarian University.
2003 – 2016 – Deputy Head of the Distance Education Institute of Sumy Agrarian University.
2008 – graduated from Sumy National AgrarianUniversity with a degree in Administrative Management.
2015 – graduated from Sumy National AgrarianUniversity with adegreeinConstruction and Civil Engineering.
2016 till present – head of the research laboratory of the Department of Building Construction, senior lecturer of the Department of Building Construction, associate dean coordinating distance-course students at the Faculty of Construction.
Main academic disciplines: Building and Structures Reconstruction, General Theory of Structures.
Research direction: Inspection, renovation and reconstruction of buildings and structures.
Other information: a holder of patents to 3 inventions. The results of my research work have been published in more than 20 printed scientific works.