The department has assigned teaching laboratories and classrooms: 225e, 428, 432, 436. They are equipped with appropriate visual materials (layouts, stands, posters, samples of elements of engineering communications) and the like. In addition, the department uses: IP-100 press, hydraulic press, drying cabinet, Sutard device, Vick device, theodolites, levelers, tachiometer, kipregel, beads, ecimeters, geodesic rails, leveling rails, roulette, compression rails -1, sliding devices, piston pressure gauge, scales, drying cabinet SESH-3M, measuring tapes, ITL-9 heat meter, sound generator, Peleng projector, kiev projector, VShV-003 device, thermostat, Nord refrigerator, desiccator, etc.
The Laboratory of Building Materials Science (room 225e) is equipped with the following equipment: devices for quality control of mineral binders and concrete: concrete forms, fixtures; measuring cylinder 0,5 l, beaker, Suttard VS viscometer, device Product T-3, mixers, set of sieves, shaking table VTsB-3, block BK-12 with Le Chatel’s rings, Vika PV-300 device, steaming chambers, vibrating pad laboratory CSF 435, PP volume meter, Kashkarov hammer; devices for measuring mechanical and geometric quantities, vibration devices of non-destructive testing; press equipment.
A laboratory equipped with modern culms (pencil drawing) for junior courses.
A drawing class equipped with modern easels.