Senior Lecturer at the Department of Construction Production, Ph.D. in Economic Science

Researcher ID: G-6363-2019

Date of birth: March 17, 1960, (Alchevsk, Luhansk region).
Education and training:
1977-1982 – Komunarsk Mining and Metallurgical Institute (at present - Donbas Technical University), speciality “Economics and construction organization”. The awarded qualification - an engineer-economist.
2010-2013 - postgraduate study at Sumy National Agrarian University, speciality “Economics of Nature Management and Environmental Protection”.
Work experience:
1982 - 2001 - Oblavtodor system;
2002 - 2019 - Sumy National Agrarian University;
2013 - defended the PhD thesis in Economic Science on the subject "Economic Principles of Evaluation and Use of Land Resources of Agricultural Enterprises", speciality 08.00.04 - Economics and Enterprise Management.
Basic courses: “Production basis and economics in construction”, “Economic evaluation of buildings and structures and real estate operations”, “Fundamentals of organization of construction production”, “Management theory in construction”, “Research methodology and mathematical modelling”.
Research priorities: Ecological and economic aspects of construction production; Economic evaluation of real estate property; Organizational and economic principles of management system in construction.
Upgrade training: National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Education and Research Institute of Continuing Education. Upgrade training Certificate CC00493706 / 003451-17, registration number 3451 (05/30/12/06/17)